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Escape To The Badlands...


Come join us in enjoying some of the best scenery in western North Dakota. You'll be glad you did.

At Badlands Trail Rides we'll match you with a good horse and head out on one of the numerous trails across thousands of acres of scenic Little Missouri badlands.  Whether you're a novice or adventurous, there's a horse and trail right for you.

Make your Western experience complete with a night or two in Eastview Campground

Camp or rent one of five rustic cabins. The area is secluded, wooded and offers a view that's hard to beat. Or rent one of our new in 2013 modern units, they are located nearer to Little Missouri State Park.

Mornings and evenings here are prime for wildlife.  Deer and turkeys are frequent visitors.


Badlands Trail Rides

Eastview Campground

18 miles north of Killder, North Dakota

Phone 701-764-8000